The Emerson Channel

The Emerson Channel, a Television, Radio, and Film (MTP) Production, is Emerson College's award-winning college television network. Formed in 1999, the professionally-managed, student-run organization functions as both a content producer and distributor with 12 originally produced shows and content. The Emerson Channel airs on Emerson College's Boston campus on channel 56.

The Emerson Channel shows are full steam ahead on releasing new studio and field productions. Make sure you check them out weekly on our website and show support our social medias.

New year, new shows! Check The Emerson Channel newest additions: Critical Damage; Suite, Spice, and Everything Nice; Raising Spirits.

-Wear a mask

-Practice social distancing

-Sanitize your hands regularly

Access the WHO website for more information; and don’t hesitate to contact Emerson’s CHW.


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