The Emerson Channel

The Emerson Channel, a Television, Radio, and Film (MTP) Production, is Emerson College's award-winning college television network. Formed in 1999, the professionally-managed, student-run organization functions as both a content producer and distributor with 12 originally produced shows and content. The Emerson Channel airs on Emerson College's Boston campus on channel 56.

We made it through the Fall! That means Pitching season is here again! Make sure to keep an eye out for those! Additional information will be out soon.

Looking for more entertaining content for self-isolation? Here is what’s new at the EmChan: New Episodes: Reel Reactions New Shows: Beneath the Surface, Escape the Farm, The Odd Job.

-Wash your hands regularly

-Practice social distancing

-Avoid touching your face

Access the WHO website for more information; and don’t hesitate to contact Emerson’s CHW.


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