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Spring 2024 Pitch deck

Want to Create Your Own Show?

You can! Emchan no longer requires that you just be a producer to pitch your own show. Anyone with any level of experience can submit a PITCH DECK for consideration. If chosen, Emchan will fund the series and facilitate the hiring of crew, producers, and cast. As the creator you will receive a Showrunner credit and input in the hiring and creative process. Existing shows do not have to submit a pitch deck.

Email your pitch as a PDF or Google Slides to programming@emersonchannel.org and production@emersonchannel.org by Sunday April 7th at 11:59PM.

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Campaign 4: A Death in the Family, Episode 2: The Canary

The group attempts to solve a mystery before they become a part of it. Plus family altercations, power vacuums, and canaries in the coal mine.

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