Diana Barton '91

Diana is a 1991 Graduate of Emerson College, with a Bachelors in Communication and Television Production. For close to 30 years she has been a PA, Script Supervisor, Production Supervisor, Stage Manager, Associate Director and/or Producer on hundreds of television shows. If you’ve seen an awards show, red carpet, or live televised concert or special, most likely Diana was a part of it. She is a proud member of the Directors Guild of America as a Television AD and Stage Manager, and owner of Walking City Production Rentals. Recruited by Kevin Bright to advise on the 30th Annual EVVY Awards, Diana was brought back into the Emerson College fold. She expanded her role here when offered the job of Manager of the Emerson Television Channel, which she gladly accepted. She lives on the South Shore with the loves of her lives, her husband David and their boys Shea and Conlan.

Director of Production

Thomas Coughlin '22

Thomas is a Junior Media Arts Production Major with a Minor in Music History and Culture from East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. He has worked on the Emerson Channel since his first semester and has continued to this day. He has worked in multiple roles including positions in studio and broadcast as well as executive producing Breaking News and 707: A Sitcom. As the current Director of Production, he oversees all of the channel’s shows, events, and our lovely senior staff. When he isn’t working at the Emerson Channel he likes to look at clouds.


Director of Programming

Lily Sexton '22

Lily is a senior at Emerson College studying Media Arts Production with a minor in Journalism. As Director of Programming, she is responsible for overseeing the shows from development to delivery. Lily began working on the Emerson Channel as soon as she transferred to Emerson her sophomore year and she’s still going strong! She’s worked a handful of shows on the channel including Good Morning Emerson, Closing Time, and Tufte Tonight. She stays busy but in the free time that she has left you might find her baking, puzzling or listening to music.


Director of Outreach

Gabriella Leonel '21

Gabriella is a senior with an individually curated major (IDIP) titled Documentary Journalism. She joined the Emerson Channel as an executive producer in the spring of 2020. She co-created and still produces “Beneath the Surface,” a documentary series and multimedia project aiming to ignite an honest and productive conversation about race on Emerson’s campus, by featuring the narratives of Black, Indigenous, and students of color. Gabriella is a strong believer in motivating change by tackling the community you have direct access to. The Emerson Channel is one of those communities Gabriella has access to, and through this position she is hoping to take the steps in further making the Emerson Channel more inclusive and diverse. Do you have thoughts on what inclusivity looks like to you? Feel free to reach out to her, as she would love to sit down with anyone over zoom or a socially distant coffee to hear their thoughts and experiences! In her free time, Gabriella loves to indulge in relaxation, reading works by liberation writers, and spending quality time with those she loves and is inspired by.

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Equipment Manager

Alec Martinez '21

Alec is a senior VMA Production Major from New Jersey. As Equipment Manager, Alec oversees Emerson Channel’s Equipment Office, making sure show staff is trained on the latest equipment and ensuring that shows can reserve and order the equipment they need. Outside of Emerson Channel, Alec has worked on many professional sets within the Boston community. While he loves TV, his main goal is eventually become a cinematographer for feature films!

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Scheduling Manager

Emily Soubasis '23

Emily is a Sophomore Media Arts Production major from New Jersey with an interest in both film and television. As Scheduling and Submissions Coordinator, she is responsible for scheduling the shows you see on the Emerson Channel and reaching out to students to encourage submissions. Emily began working on The Emerson Channel her first semester at Emerson doing teleprompter for Mind-Body-Blank. From there, she has worked in a variety of positions on the Emerson Channel and loves to spend time around the TV studio. When not working on a studio show, Emily will be spending time on film sets in the field or working on screenplays. Reach out to her with any questions or submissions!

Emerson Channel Photo

Director of Broadcast Operations

Adam Tzach '24

Adam is a freshman Media Arts Production Major from Five Towns, New York. As Director of Broadcast Operations, he oversees the technical aspects of The Emerson Channel. This means fixing the channel when it goes down and scheduling shows for the correct times. He works on several Emerson Channel Productions, including Closing Time, Critical Damage, and Raising Spirits. Adam was hired as an associate in Fall 2020 and was promoted for the Spring semester. When he’s not in Master Control he enjoys listening to that new Slowthai album and crying over spilled milk.

Director of Graphics

Nick Johnston '22

Nick is a junior here at Emerson College in the VMA department. He loves challenging himself with projects that take dedication, creativity, and practice- so running The Emerson Channel’s graphic department is perfect for him! Specializing in After Effects and Photoshop, he is responsible for creating all the graphics for the Emerson Channel Shows. Nick would love for you to reach out about any questions regarding Emchan Graphics, he would be happy to help!



Carol Rangel '23

Carol is a Sophomore Journalism major form Brazil, minoring in Marketing and Political Science. As the Webmaster, she is responsible for the maintenance and design of the The Emerson Channel website, providing an up-to-date, ongoing platform for students to showcase their work. Carol is also the Webmaster for The Emerson Channel’s Beneath the Surface documentary, as well as a member of its Concept Development Team. In addition, she is involved in WEBN’s Web writing and is an student Ambassador for OISA (Office of International Students Affairs). In her free time, you can find Carol watching nostalgic Disney Channel shows and getting in touch with her feelings by listening to Taylor Swift.


Director of Marketing

Lela Schroder ' 23

Lela is a Sophmore Media Arts Production Major with a minor in Marketing Communication from New Jersey. She first became involved with The Emerson Channel through GME and Tufte Tonight and continues to enjoy working on various productions. As Director of Marketing, she manages social media and coordinates the marketing efforts to promote and support the shows on the Emerson Channel. When Lela isn’t working on any shows, she’s on her way to the nearest coffee shop or dog park!

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Director of Education

Maria Suevo' 21

Maria is a Media Arts Production Major from Bucks County, PA. She got involved with The Emerson Channel during her first semester at Emerson as a production assistant for “707: A Sitcom”. As of today, she has held countless positions for The Emerson Channel. Some of her favorite positions so far have been being a Segment Producer for “Tufte Tonight” as well as a Camera Operator for “Good Morning Emerson”. As Director of Education, Maria loves helping to teach people about studio television and production all while getting to learn more about it all herself! She loves being a great role model for people who want to learn! When Maria is not working on The Emerson Channel, she is sleeping, so she can be well rested to work on The Emerson Channel even more.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MAY 09: Director Matt Walting attends the Los Angeles premiere of Leomark Studios' and Waiting Entertainment's "Just Say Goodbye" at Regency Valley Plaza 6 on May 09, 2019 in North Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

Promotions Manager

Matt Walting '22

Matt Walting is a Visual Media Arts major from Wilbraham, Massachusetts, with a specialty for advertisement production! He began in theater at age 8, and discovered film at age 10, when he was cast in a college production. He gained more interest into the mechanics of filmmaking, studying and practicing with multiple short films and small projects. Since creating his debut feature film, Just Say Goodbye, Matt owns and operates Walting Entertainment, LLC, an independent film production company.


Post Production Supervisor

Julia Sprung '23

Julia Sprung is a sophomore Visual Media Arts major from Long Island, New York. As the Post Production Supervisor, she is responsible for enforcing the Emerson Channel video standards. Julia started working with the Emerson Channel her freshman year, as a shooter/editor for Good Morning Emerson and College Kitchen. The spring semester of her sophomore year, she began her position as the Post Production Supervisor. She also works with the Musical Theatre Society as the marketing coordinator and on a production with the Yorkick Ensemble, as the head editor. When Julia isn’t working with the Emerson Channel, she’s watching movies with her suitemates and jamming to Mamma Mia!