What events does EmChan put on every semester?

Besides our hiring events and actual productions, The Emerson Channel hosts various events like weekly workshops, biannual viewing parties, a yearly blood drive, and more!

How do I work on an Emerson Channel show?

The Emerson Channel puts on 10-14 shows every single semester with crews composed entirely of students! At the beginning of every semester we hold a general meeting that students can attend to learn about the shows in production for that semester and what the channel has in store. Soon after, we hold our hiring weekend which involves director hiring, crew hiring, writer hiring, and talent hiring where students can go out for whatever positions they would like! If you miss hiring weekend, you can still get involved with EmChan through our weekly workshops or by submitting your work to play on the channel!

What kind of work can I submit? How do I submit?

You can submit anything from animations to music videos and short films on our website http://emersonchannel.org/submissions/

What experience do I need to work on an Emerson Channel show?

The Emerson Channel is open to absolutely everyone regardless of year, major, and experience level! There’s a position for everyone within the network!

Does The Emerson Channel accept pitches for new shows?

Yes, The Emerson Channel accepts pitches every single semester! Whether you’re interested in creating a docuseries, a sitcom, or an animated short, we’d love to hear your ideas! Pitch season takes place towards the end of every semester. Find more information at http://emersonchannel.org/pitch/

How can I stay connected with Emerson Channel events?

The best way to stay connected to everything EmChan is by liking us on Facebook, following us on Instagram, or by keeping track with us on EmConnect!

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Feel free to reach out to production@emersonchannel.org with any questions!