Diana Barton '91

Diana is a 1991 Graduate of Emerson College, with a Bachelors in Communication and Television Production. For the past 20 years she has been a PA, Script Supervisor, Production Supervisor, Associate Director and/or Producer on hundreds of television shows. If you’ve seen an awards show, red carpet, or live televised concert or special, most likely Diana was a part of it. She is a proud member of the Directors Guild of America as a Television AD, and owner of Walking City Production Rentals. Recruited by Kevin Bright to advise on the 30th Annual EVVY Awards, Diana was brought back into the Emerson College fold. She expanded her role here when offered the job of Manager of the Emerson Television Channels, which she gladly accepted. She lives on the South Shore with the loves of her lives, her husband David and their boys Shea and Conlan.

Director of Production

Hayley Broderick '20

Hayley is a junior Visual Media Arts student. She started getting involved with the Emerson Channel her first semester freshman year and has served on the senior staff as a graphics associate, the director of education, as well as the director of production. There’s nothing she loves more than the Emerson Channel and hopes to continue to get more students involved with the channel and continue bringing in new ways for students to learn about TV production.
Jillian Anderson_FINALed

Director of Programming

Jill Anderson '19

Jill is a Senior VMA Media Production major from Nashua, NH. As Director of Programming, Jill oversees the content of all shows, the scheduling and broadcasting of the Channel, and the digital delivery process. Jill first got involved with the channel in her first semester at Emerson, working in a front row rotation on Speechless and as a Shooter/Editor on Reel Reactions. From there, Jill later went on to produce Fast Forward/Rewind and Reel Reactions, and found a serious passion for television producing. When away from the channel, Jill loves to watch Netflix, play video games, and explore Boston and its surrounding areas.
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Post Production Supervisor

Jamie De Cesare '21

Jamie De Cesare is from LA, California. He is a VMA major with an interest in Post-Production editing and color correction. Jamie worked Closing Time as an editor and Dream Net and Felt on Felt as a colorist. In his free time, Jamie also likes board games, snowboarding, and sweet early 2000s rock music.

Director of Education

Destiny S Pineda '21

Destiny is a Sophomore Media Arts Production major from Long Island, New York. As Director of Education, she is responsible for coordinating weekly workshops that students may attend in order to enhance their knowledge of the television and media industry. Destiny began working with The Emerson Channel during her first semester here at Emerson and has since fallen in love with studio television and live event production. From there, she has worked in a variety of positions ranging from Lighting Designer to Executive Producer, and has found a strong love for Directing/Associate Directing and Stage Managing along the way. When she is not working in the studio or talking about The Emerson Channel/Closing Time, Destiny enjoys eating empanadas, updating her LinkedIn page, and taking a stress nap.


Equipment Manager

Benji Dunaief '19

Alec is a sophomore VMA Production Major from New Jersey. As Equipment Manager, Alec oversees Emerson Channel’s Equipment Office, making sure show staff is trained on the latest equipment and ensuring that shows can reserve and order the equipment they need. Outside of Emerson Channel, Alec has worked on many professional sets within the Boston community. While he loves TV, his main goal is eventually become a cinematographer for feature films!

Director of Marketing

Daniyal Chawla '21

“Commonly known as ‘Dani’, Daniyal is an international sophomore from Islamabad, Pakistan. He is majoring in Marketing Communications, minoring in Post-Colonial Studies, and is part of the Honors program. Besides serving as the Director of Marketing from Emerson Channel, Dani also holds the position of Marketing Chair of Class of 2021, and has previously led the marketing teams of UN’s Girl Up Millennial and 4-H Pakistan. He also holds certifications in Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing. Other than marketing, Dani describes himself as an avid sports fan and craves his weekly dose of cricket and soccer. He uses his holidays backpack around less-explored and not-very-touristy cities and towns. On any given weekend, the places you’re most likely to find him are the 2nd floor of Boston Public Library, at his friends’ suite, or just about any restaurant is Boston that sells Korean BBQ.”

Scheduling Manager

Simona Riccardi '21

Simona is a Sophomore Media Arts Production major and Honors student from New Jersey. As Submissions and Scheduling Coordinator, she is responsible for scheduling weekly content on the channel and soliciting submissions of original content from students, staff and alumni. Simona began working on The Emerson Channel her first semester at Emerson on GME, Breaking News and ECCS From there, she has worked in a variety of positions ranging from Segment Shooter/Editor to Executive Producer, and has found a passion for producing along the way. (On the Emerson Channel, she has produced Fast Forward/Rewind and is producing Comedians on the T Getting Coffee)! When not working in the studio office or talking about The Emerson Channel to anyone who’ll listen, Simona takes great pleasure in taking photos, editing photos on Lightroom, or talking to people about the wonders of Lightroom shortcuts.

Director of Broadcast Operations

Samuel Kaufman '19

Sam is a Senior VMA Production major from New Jersey. As Director of Broadcast Operations, Sam oversees the technical aspects of The Emerson Channel, making sure shows are scheduled at the correct times, and fixing the channel if any problems arise. Sam first got involved with Emerson TV productions in his first semester, when he burst into crew hiring five minutes from it ending, frantically asking for a job — any job — on a TV set. From there, he has worked on countless shows in virtually every position where he has found a specific passion for Directing and Associate Directing. Sam will be doing the ELA program in the Spring of 2019 before graduating in May. If you are looking to sublet his very reasonably priced room in East Boston for the spring and summer, please contact him


Juliet Fusco '20

Juliet is a Junior Media Arts Production major from Long Island, New York. As the Webmaster,  Juliet is responsible for updating The Emerson Channel website on a weekly basis with resources, episodes from current shows, and provide an ongoing platform for students to showcase their work. In addition, Juliet has been a crew member on multiple Emerson Channel shows and is currently the Executive Producer of Breaking News.  Out of the studio, Juliet enjoys editing, marketing, and catching up on her favorite show, “Friends.”

Director of Graphics

Danielle Marascalchi '19

Danielle is a junior here at Emerson College in the VMA department concentrating on Live Studio TV Production and Graphic Design. She loves challenging herself with projects that take dedication, creativity, and practice- so running The Emerson Channel’s graphic department is perfect for her! Danielle would love for you to reach out about any questions regarding Emchan Graphics, she would be happy to help!