Equipment Inventory


Panasonic DVX 100B (x3) Sony EX3 (x2) Canon 7d (x1) PD-150 (x2)


Panasonic Batteries for DVX (x14) Large Batteries for EX3 (x3) Small Batteries for EX3 (x2) Canon Batteries 7D (x2) PD-150 Batteries (x2)      


SM57 Handheld Mics (x2) SM58 Handheld Mics (2x) Wireless Lav Kits (x9) Shotgun Mics (x3) Blimp/Zeppelin Boom Mics – Shotgun included (x2) Wired Lav (x1) “Wind Cat” shotgun mic wind shields (x2)  


Tripods (x7)              


50 ft XLR (x1) 25 ft XLR (x1) 10 ft XLR (x2) 5 ft XLR (x1)        

LED Lite Panels

LED Lite Panels (x2)              

ARRI Elemental Lighting Kit Backpack

650W Lamp Heads (x3) Barndoors (x3) Lightweight Stands (x3) Scrim Bag (x3); Singles (x3); Doubles (x1) Chimera Diffusion Bag (x1) 650 “Wind Cat” shotgun mic wind shields (x2)  

Mole Richardson Light Kit

Teeny-Weenie Mole Lights with barndoors (x2) Inky Mole Light with barndoor (x1) Light Stands (x3) Full Single Inky Scrim (x1) Full Double Inky Scrim (x1) Half Single Inky Scrim (x1)    

Diva Light Kit

Bank Lights (x2) Stands (x2) Extension Arms (x2) Diffusion Covers (x2) Case of Spare Bulbs (x1)      

Omni Light Kit

Lowel OMNI Lights with Barndoors and Scrims (x3) 16 ft TOTA/OMNI Power Cables (x3)            


Shrue M-267 4-Input Mic Mixer (x1) Sound Devices 302 3-Input Mic Mixer (x1) Shrue FP-33 3-Input Mic Mixer (x1) H4 Audio Recorder (x1)        


32GB SxS Cards (x4) 16GB SxS Card for EX3 (x1) 32GB Delkin CF Cards for Canon 7D (x4) 152MB SD Card for H4 (x1)        


Flexfills (x2) C-Stands (x4) Sandbags (x4) Mattebox Kit (x1) Tiffen Filter Kit (x1)  Emerson Channel Mic Flags (x2) Matthews Doorway Dolly (x1) Set of Dolly Skateboard Wheels (x1)

Equipment Workshops

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