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Fall 2016 Workshops

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Producing Workshops

PD101: Segment Producing Basics

Get tips and suggestions on how you can better prepare to produce a field segment. Everything from how, where, and when to reserve equipment to the best way to contact potential interview guests will be covered.

PD201: Studio Producing Basics

Producing a studio show, live or taped, can be overwhelming. Have you talked to your lighting designer? Have you prepped your guests? Do you know what your production schedule should look like? Get a producers’ to-do list and more.

PD401: Producing Panel

Sometimes the best way to learn is to make mistakes. What’s better than that is learning from other people’s mistakes so you don’t have to make them yourself. Join the discussion with experienced Emerson students and professional producers.

Studio & Cinematography Workshops

ST101: Field Camera

The best shooter isn’t necessarily the most artistic or inventive—they’re the most familiar with the equipment. Review the basics and ask the tricky questions about field the DVX.

ST201: Floor Directing & Studio Camera

Have you always had a vibrant relationship with floors? Now you can direct them. Kinda. Floor directors are the ones in charge in a TV studio. Polish up your hand signals and then learn how to use our studio pedestal cameras. What a productive hour!

ST210: Studio & Field Lighting

Good lighting for video takes more than just flicking a switch. Learn about lighting from a grid, basic board operation, and even some tips for lighting a field shoot.

Directing Workshops

DR101: Assistant Directing (In-Studio)

Knowing what an AD is responsible for and putting those skills to use can be two separate things. Get familiar with the monitor wall, timer, and how to read and work with rundowns.

DR201: Assistant Directing (Discussion)

Diana Barton has been working as an AD and other crew & staff positions on live-event TV productions since the 1990s. She has accumulated enough tips, tricks, and horror stories to fill several hours of your time… but just an hour will do this time! Come loaded with questions and hypotheticals and see what an AD in the real-world is actually responsible for.

DR301: Multi-Cam Directing

Directing a multi-camera production takes more than jut screaming numbers and letters… though that helps, too. Get some solid advice from those who have been down and dirty in the live TV directing trenches.

Control Room & Engineering Workshops

CR101: Control Room Graphics

Ever wonder how that image gets over the news anchor’s shoulder? Or how the score of the football game is operated? The answer is CHYRON! This workshop will cover basic and intermediate level operation of both of Control A’s Chyron systems: the HyperX3 and XClyps. If you want to learn how to build lower thirds, still graphics, or play back digital video in the control room, THIS is for you. But really… your mind will be blown.

CR102: Tape & Routing

The tape operator is one of the most critical people in a TV control room, but their job is often under-estimated. Learn how to operate the tape decks, route signal into them, and even operate the monitor wall.

CR103: Basic Shading & Video Operations

Do you have any idea what “shading” or “chipping” means in the world of studio TV? If not, or if you want to learn more, this is the perfect place to start. Learn how to control color and exposure with the studio cameras and begin to understand vectorscopes. We promise, vectorscopes are WAY more fun than they sound.


CR201: Basic Switching

There it is… the switcher, full of buttons and intimidation. Have no fear, this workshop is here. Begin to understand the switcher, what exactly it does, and how it does it. After this workshop, you’ll be more than prepared to switch one of The Emerson Channel’s simpler shows.

CR202: Studio Audio

Without video, TV is radio. Without audio, TV is… boring. We usually forget about those kids in the audio suite when we’re in the studio. Feel what it’s like to be them and get hands-on with the audio console. Learn how to patch mics, route signals, and some mixing basics.

CR203: Advanced Shading & Video Operations

If you’ve shaded a show in the studio or have gone to the Basic Shading workshop, you probably realize that there’s a LOT that you don’t know about color balance. Time to learn! Step up your video op game and learn the nitty gritty of manual studio camera settings. Please attend CR 103 before attending this workshop.

 Post-Production & Graphics Workshops

PP101: Basic Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is an editor’s best friend. Have you fought with it lately? Rebuild your skills from the ground up. Review interface basics, settings, basic editing, simple audio tools, and file management.

PP201: Intermediate Final Cut Pro

No one is ever finished learning a piece of software like Final Cut. There’s always more to play with! Have you ever used the slip, slide, and roll tools? What multi-clip editing? Do you know everything about every possible filter? Know how to best execute an L-cut? FIND OUT.

PP102: Basic Photoshop

No matter what kind of production you work in, Photoshop will be there. If you’re not familiar with Photoshop… it will haunt you wherever you go. Fit the ghost of Photoshop and get up to speed on the basics.


PP203: Basic After Effects

Know what After Effects does but don’t know how to do it? Don’t even know what it does? Either way, start down the path toward being a master graphic designer. Learn the basics of motion graphics.

PP303: Intermediate After Effects

It’s almost impossible to learn EVERYTHING there is to know about After Effects. Take the second step and learn more advanced tools like masks, layer filters, and some advanced text controls. If you’ve been toying around with After Effects, come packed with questions and issues that need fixing!