Common Agenda

Common Agenda is a live show covering everything Emerson related. Unwrapping your week with upcoming events, and recapping last weeks. Whether you are looking to see what is coming up right here on campus, or are hoping to see some highlights of the past week at Emerson, Our hosts and  provide a brief sarcastic twist, to the Emerson campus stories! Check out our latest episodes here!


Fall 2018

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Spring 2017

Common Agenda Preps for SNOWMEGADDON!!!

Common Agenda Registers for the Fall

Common Agenda Take Out A Student Loan

Common Agenda Runs a Marathon

Fall 2017

Common Agenda is Too Young to Drink and Too Old to Trick or Treat

Extreme Makeover: Common Agenda Edition

A COMMONwealth of Light, Beauty, and Truth

Common Agenda is Ungrateful

Fall 2016

The Election Special

Common Agenda Breaks Out of the Salt

Halloween Special

Common Agenda Goes Vegan!

Thanksgiving Special

Spring 2016

The Commies: Oscar Recap

Common Agenda Goes Too Far

Ted Cruz Bangs Common Agenda

Common Agenda Goes Downtown

The Life of a Common Agendablo

Kiss Us, We're...

Spring 2019


Episode 2

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